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The two books complement each other and together provide the most complete hiking guide to the Mt Hood area that you can find.

If you want to know what hiking treasures await you on Mt. Hood and intend to go exploring this summer, you’ll find that owning both books is a decision you’ll be glad you made.

Both books are:

• Small & compact and easily tuck into a pant, shirt or pack pocket

• Full of Mt. Hood facts and trivia and fun to read

• Provide maps

• Give a detailed description of each trail & level of difficulty

• Contain driving instructions to the trailheads

• Include beautiful pen & ink sketches of the flowers and scenery

• Contains safety information

Around & About Mt Hood Focuses on:

• The whole 41-mile Timberline Trail that circles the mountain (except for one washout). The book breaks the Trail down into 8 segments that work perfectly for day hikes

• Includes several shorter hikes that take you up to meadows full of alpine flowers and beautiful vistas that kids will love

• Distances for the 8 Timberline Trail segments range from 5.5 to 12.7 miles & each one can be hiked “clockwise” or “counterclockwise”

• Provides up-to-date, accurate maps

• Contains many photographs taken on the 8 segments

• Includes information about the 2011 Dollar Lake fire and the devastation it caused in the forest as well as information on the amazing regenerative forces already at work.

• Interesting information about how the glaciers on Mt Hood are melting and retreating.

Hikes & Walks on Mount Hood Focuses on:

• 41 hikes & walks in the Government Camp & Timberline Lodge areas of Mt Hood

• Distances ranges from ½ mile to 13 miles; many are <5 miles

• Many work well for kids

• Loops that are fun with some lakes as destinations for picnicking, swimming and fishing

• Historic Timberline Lodge which can be used as a base, a place to stay or just hang out and gaze at the vistas that go on forever.



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