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The three books complement each other and together provide the most complete hiking guide to the Mt Hood area that you can find.

  • Small & compact and easily tuck into a pant, shirt or pack pocket
  • Full of Mt. Hood facts and trivia and fun to read
  • Give a detailed description of each trail & level of difficulty
  • Contain driving instructions to the trailheads
  • Provide maps
  • Include beautiful pen & ink sketches of the flowers and scenery
  • Contain safety information




THE BEST Hikes & Walks
On & Around Mt Hood

Includes 33 of Sonia Buist’s favorite hikes, grouping them by length (short, medium-length and long) with hikes  from 1/2 mile to 13 miles. There is something for everyone, from the novice or person with limited mobility to the experienced hiker.  This book also includes some cross-country and snowshoe trails.

Around & About
Mount Hood

Focuses on the 41-mile Timberline Trail encircling Mt Hood. The book divides the trail into 8 segments that work well as day hikes, describing each hike in both directions (“clockwise” & “counter-clockwise”) and including information about trailheads, access trails, and roads. These hikes are all challenging but incredibly rewarding.

Hikes & Walks
on Mount Hood

Describes 41 hikes & walks on and around Mt Hood. Distances range from ½ mile to 13 miles; many are less than 5 miles.  Includes fun destinations such as lakes that are great for for picnicking, swimming and fishing. Many work well for kids.




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