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Anne Ashford is from Hawaii and is a retired middle-school teacher. She has hiked worldwide. Now, having moved to Portland, she is reveling in the joy of hiking on Mt Hood.

Sandy Mooney is a UK physician and retired director of health services for British Airways who found her love of hiking on Mt Hood.

Emily Keller is a retired pediatrician, artist and peripatetic traveler who sailed the world with her husband but always came back to hike on Mt Hood.


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Sonia Buist was born in India, educated in Scotland, and has lived in Oregon for 51 years. She is a retired Professor of Medicine at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland where she was a physician, teacher, clinician and researcher. “Retired” in name only, she continues with a full schedule of training physicians, medical researchers and public health professionals around the world, teaching them how to do clinical research to improve global lung health. She has developed programs and directs and teaches courses in many countries and continents including Latin America, Africa, India, Turkey, Vietnam, China and Indonesia.

Sonia is passionate about hiking and makes time for a number of major hikes every year. Some past hikes include: Milford Track (New Zealand), the Scottish Highlands, the Coastal Path in Cornwall (England), Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, and the French Pyrenees. She has hiked throughout Oregon including the Rogue River Trail (8 times), the Columbia Gorge and the Wallowas but she never tires of coming back to Mt. Hood.

Sonia's lifetime of hiking experiences, her expertise and her focus on the importance of safety, up-to-date and accurate information make these hiking books welcome and reliable companions for hiking on Mt. Hood. In fact, they're the only hiking books available now that focus on Mt Hood and the Timberline Trail.